Our Spoken Word and Slam Poetry workshops and after school clubs are a brilliant way of boosting confidence and building emotional resilience.

Workshops (all ages):

We offer 1 off workshops focused on writing and performing poetry. They include a combination of writing prompts that can be adapted to all ages, group working and sharing and performance techniques.

By the end of one of our workshops, students will feel confident in their ability to produce creative pieces and excited about poetry and the spoken word.

After School Programmes (12 years+):

Our after school programmes work more specifically with a group of students to develop their writing and performance skills over time.

They will learn how to use poetry as a tool for exploring their emotions and molding these emotions and their life experiences into performance pieces.

In addition to writing, the group will learn essential skills in performance poetry that will boost students confidence, not only as performers but as capable, well rounded young people.

You can also add an additional Showcase where students will work individually and in groups to create pieces that will performed to parents, teachers and peers.

Our educators are professional writers, actors and performers, have several years experience working in a variety of educational environments and each hold a full DBS.


1 off workshop (minimum 2 hours): starting from £240

After School Clubs (minimum 4 weeks): starting at £480, or £580 with an end of project showcase

Full Year Programme (from 20 weeks): starting at £2400, or £3000 with an end of project showcase

Please let us know if you require a different variation on our standard offer, we'll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a personalised quote.